Wireless Automatic Water Level Controller

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♦ Our Water Level Controller switches ON the Pump when the water in the Overhead Tank goes below the Pre-decided minimum level.

♦ Water Level Controller switches OFF the Pump when the water Level in the Overhead Tank Reaches the Maximum Level, therefore, Prevents Overflow.

♦ Water Level Controller also Switches OFF the pump when the water Level Reaches the Minimum Level in the Under Ground Tank, therefore, prevents Dry Running.

♦ Increase the Pump set life.

♦ Spillguard Automation’s Automatic Water Level Controller is Fully automatic.

♦ Water Level Controller has Manual ON/OFF button also.

♦ Water Level Controller has very much low Maintenance.

♦ No more overflow  thus Saving Water Electricity & Manpower.

♦ Avoid seepage of roofs and walls due to overflowing tank

♦ One year warranty will be provided but Life is very long.

♦ Corrosion Free

♦ Sturdy and durable need not maintain.

♦ No current/Voltage is passed through water , therefore, No Electrolysis Salt Deposition.

♦ Long Life (More than ten thousand Operation).

Uses:- House, Apartments, Hospital, Hotels, Offices, etc.

6 reviews for Wireless Automatic Water Level Controller

  1. Arjun kumar

    Nice product…no issues till now

  2. Arjun kumar (verified owner)

    Nice product…no problems till great

  3. Bindu Sathyan

    Its really good product

  4. Sathish

    Good performance

  5. Sathyan

    Good performance



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